Hogwarts Butterbeer Wax Melt

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Hogwarts Butterbeer 

Wizards Our BEST seller of all time is back!


Wingardium Leviosa your butterbeer wax melts are levitating. All you Hogwarts Wizards meet us at platform 9 3/4 with your wand in hand. As you come with us on a magical encounter to Hogsmeade, you will be blown away with scents of sticky toffee caramel and soft fluffy vanilla as you enjoy your butterbeer sensation.


Contains x1 segment pot (Approx 50g)

Our segment pots have 6 segments. You can simply snap off a chunk in the pot or take the wax out and break a piece off.

All of our wax melt products are handmade using a unique high quality blend of natural soy wax they are highly scented. We use the maximum percentage legally permitted. Vegan Friendly & Cruelty free




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