Luxury Floor Fragrance Set

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Luxury Floor Fragrance

Shimmer Wax Melts luxury floor fragrance is a highly scented powder that can be used to freshen up all carpets, upholstery and even mattresses. Our powder helps to neutralise bad odours, helps to lift stains, and refreshes the appearance of your chosen surface.


  • 1x 500g Pouch
  • 1x 500g Empty Shaker Bottle

Directions for use:

Either decant your floor fragrance into one of our Shimmer Wax Melts shaker bottles or simply shake straight from the bag onto your carpet, leave for 30 minutes (although the longer the better) and then vacuum off.

Although its completely safe to use, its good practice to always do a patch test before use

Keep pets and children away from the raw product when on carpet.

Please check your filter regularly when using our floor fragrance as we will not accept liability for damage to vacuums caused by misuse.

🖤 Disclaimer: Our fragrance oils are similar to the designer scents. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our fragrance oil just smells similar to the designer scent.

🖤 Please note: scents are all naturally slightly different strengths, so performance and throw will vary from one fragrance to another.

If you have any queries for any of our products please contact us