Noir Amber & Ginger Lily Wax Melt

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Noir Amber & Ginger Lily

Similar in notes and identity to the popular scent. Noir Amber & Ginger Lily is an oriental woody, feminine fragrance. It includes aromas of black cardamom, ginger and pink pepper in the top notes; the middle notes are jasmine, orchid, water lily and rose; while the base notes encompass leather, sandalwood, kyara incense, patchouli, black amber.

Contains x1 segment pot (Approx 50g)

Our segment pots have 6 segments. You can simply snap off a chunk in the pot or take the wax out and break a piece off. The pot holds the same amount of wax as our previous snap bar wax melts (approx 50g)

All of our wax melt products are handmade using a unique high quality blend of natural soy wax they are highly scented. We use the maximum percentage legally permitted. Vegan Friendly & Cruelty free

Why try us?

🖤 Unique blend of 100% natural soy wax

🤍 Highly Scented (we use the maximum percentage legally permitted)

🖤 Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free

🤍 CLP Compliant

🖤 Super Fast Dispatch Times

🤍 Hand poured with love & for each order we do a happy dance!

Disclaimer: Our fragrance oils are similar to the designer scents. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our fragrance oil just smells similar to the designer scent.

All our products are lovingly handmade therefore items may differ slightly in colour and appearance.

Please note: scents are all naturally slightly different strengths, so performance and throw will vary from one fragrance to another. 

You can use either a tealight burner or electric burner with our wax melts.

We recommend only using 1 unscented tealight beneath your burner as using more than one at a time is dangerous due to the burner over heating and as a result possibly shattering. Please only use up to a 4 hour burn time tealight candle as using longer can cause as stated above the burner to shatter. Please read the burner safety information provided with your burner and always follow the instructions for safe use.

Never leave your wax melts burning in a room unattended and keep away from children and pets. Keep away from draft areas and do not move the burner when lit.

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